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Massage therapist Artyom

мастер массажист Артем



Gives the following massage types in massage parlour ‘Pure Energy’: ‘Sun’, ‘Moon’, Tibet, jar massages, complex face massage, classic massage.


Education (course completed, certificates): I have been giving massage since 2011. Did a course in Tibet massage ‘Ku Nye Chi’ of Nyentar Hara at the Academy of Tibet Medicine founded by geshe Rinchen Tenzin, doctor of philosophy, medicine and religions.


Supplementary qualifications: I was also instructed by geshe Rinchen Tenzin Rinpoche ( himself. I also did a course in the Imternational Academy of Traditional Tibet Medicine of Nida Chenantsang with superviser Tatiana Ulyanova ( или ). I am conversant with botany and know how to use wild curative plants both as a part of a diet and in order to cure diseases. I am currently giving massage and choose an individual approach based on a person's pulse, surface evidence and survey results.


About myself (interests and hobbies): I have been studying and applying alternative healing methods since my childhood. I have always been interested to find out how to maintain health and feel full of energy, what to do in order to remain aware and able to find answers to complicated life questions. My special attention was drawn to body-oriented movement in psychology and massage practice as a practical way to apply this knowledge co cure through the body.

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