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Massage therapist Alexey
мастер-массажист Алексей

I am a certified specialist in diagnosing
health levels at a 
diagnostic machine with
recommendations on a rational diet


Education (course completed, certificates): Did a course in massage and cosmetology (Moscow)


Supplementary qualifications: I am a certified specialist in diagnosing health levels at a bioresonance diagnostic machine with recommendations on a rational diet.


About myself (interests and hobbies): My years-long spiritual practice and learning how one can successfully maintain and improve their health all their lives have formed a certain system of values. In my opinion, one of the main health components is the right massage. By the word ‘right’ I not only mean professional but also done with a pure mind and applying an individual approach to each person. Along with this, I remain totally aware of the unity of everything in this limitless world. I am grateful to the Universe for recuperation and to my teachers for the spiritual experience he hander over to me during his massage sessions.

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