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Tibetan Massage (Kum Nye)

тибетский массаж


Tibetan Massage is a set of treatment procedures with a centuries-long history. In Tibetan it is called Kum Nye. It uses the knowledge of Tibetan yoga, delicate anatomy and work with the energy in the whole body. The assortment of Kum Nye techniques includes breathing techniques, oil massage, peeling, yoga joint massage, cosmetic face massage with a pearl shell, head acupressure, feet massage, work with energy channels and the warming stone massage.


One and a half century ago Tibet medicine was almost unknown to the wide audience. Now we have an opportunity to get to know its arsenal of inner and outer healing techniques, one of which is Tibetan massage.


The first part of a massage session is skin rubbing with natural oils and ointments, joints movement and warming. The second part is the massage more familiar to the West – foulage, percussion and muscle, spot and channel acupressure.


Even five thousand years ago Eastern medicine knew about the existence of energy channels and biologically active spots and used this knowledge to cure various diseases. Influencing these is aimed at restoring the energy balance, activating blood and energy circulation, improving the state of organs and their functions.

тибетский массаж


Additionally, modern researches have proved that these biologically active zones demonstrate increased electrical conductivity, temperature, increased oxygen consumption, level of metabolic processes and increased pain sensitivity.


Special oils and ointments prepared following all the ancient traditions of Tibet medicine play a significant role. Due to their nature of fields, forests, mountain slopes, these compositions produce a deep impact on both mental and physical levels.


Kum Nye massage involves all the body – from the top of your head up to the tips of your toys. This type of massage is good for those who work a lot, spend a lot of time working on the computer, lead a sedentary life, feel exhausted, stressed and tense, those who suffer from insomnia and anxiety or have muscular skeletal disorders.



Length – 90 min


Recommended course – 10 session/strong>



1 session Course of 5 sessions Course of 10 sessions Course of 20 sessions
4 300 rub. 19 000 rub. 33 000 rub. 46 000 rub.
  3 800 rub per session 3 300 rub per session 2 300 rub per session
  Get a set of health strengthening
ayurvedic products
(Trifala + Chavanprash) free
Get 1 seaweed
wrap session free
Get 2 sessions of
Shirodhara massage free


1 session
4 300 rub.

Course of 5 sessions
19 000 rub.
3 800 rub per session
Get a set of health strengthening ayurvedic products (Trifala + Chavanprash) free

Course of 10 sessions
33 000 rub.
3 300 руб. rub per session
Get 1 seaweed wrap session free

Course of 20 sessions
46 000 rub.
2 300 rub per session
Get 2 sessions of Shirodhara massage free


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