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Jar Massage

баночный массажJar massage is a treatment performed with special massage jars that create a small area of low air pressure.


The main healing power of jar massage is that in the areas where jars are applied blood circulation improves, lymph is drained and tissues get necessary nutrients. Jar massage is also effective in reducing cellulite. Due to the influence of this massage, large under skin fat storage areas and adhesions are destroyed, adipose tissue is smoothed and swellings are relieved.


Vacuum massage is often confused with static jar application to the body but these are different. Static jar application involves placing jars at a particular zone, whereas during jar massage they are moved along the body with circular, line or zigzag movements. 


Anti-cellulite jar massage is a great way to lose weight and remove wastes from the body.  This massage not only enhances body fat reduction but also improves the skin condition. Even after a few sessions the skin tonicity, elasticity, resilience and resistance to physical stress are improved. Gradually, with consistent procedures cicatrical tissue is also removed.



баночки для массажа

Length: 60 min


Recommended course – 5 session




1 session Course of 3 sessions Course of 5 sessions
4 000 rub. 11 100 rub. 16 500 rub.
  3 700 rub per session 3 300 rub per session
  Get a set of health strengthening
ayurvedic products
(Trifala + Chavanprash) free
Get 1 seaweed wrap
session free


1 session
4 000 rub.

Course of 3 sessions
11 100 rub.
3 700 rub per session
Get a set of health strengthening ayurvedic products (Trifala + Chavanprash) free


Course of 5 sessions
16 500 rub.
3 300 rub per session
Get 1 seaweed wrap session free

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