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Honey Massage

медовый массажHoney massage is a great way to keep fit especially when you work overtime and are often under stress. It helps you to fend off fatigue easily; makes you feel light and fresh as if were flying.


«Since ancient times people have known that apart from having a unique chemical structure, honey produces a great energizing effect.».


Honey massage is one of the most effective treatments for cellulite.


Natural honey massage thoroughly cleans the skin because this practice includes an element of active peeling.

Honey is a unique substance that is great at absorbing toxins. Soaking deep into the body, honey absorbs stored wastes and in 15-20 minutes becomes dark-yellow or even greyish on the skin.


None of existing cosmetic and health products produces the same full and effective skin purification effect.


Honey massage is a great invigorating treatment. It can be performed to cure sleep disorders and colds, relieve radicular pains and headaches and restore internal organs functioning. It works as a fabulous prevention of mental and physical exhaustion. It improves blood supply and overall skin condition. Due to its nourishing powers, honey massage is suitable to relieve joint pains and swellings, which improves joint mobility.

Honey massage removes fatigue from breathing muscles, improves bronchopulmonary ventilation, blood and lymphatic circulation in the lungs, assists in liquefying and removing sputum and normalizes the breathing function, removes hypoxia, spasms in bronchial muscles and mucosa swelling.



Length: 60 min


Recommended course – 5 session



Varicose veins, skin diseases, asthma, thrombophlebitis, venereal diseases, allergies, hypersensitivity to honey and diabetes. It is not recommended to people with high blood pressure and excessive body hair.




1 session Course of 3 sessions Course of 5 sessions
4 300 rub. 11 700 rub. 17 500 rub.
  3 900 rub per session 3 500 rub per session

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1 session
4 300 rub.

Course of 3 sessions
11 700 rub.
3 900 rub per session
Get a set of health strengthening ayurvedic products (Trifala + Chavanprash) free


Course of 3 sessions
17 500 rub.
3 500 rub per session
Get 1 seaweed wrap session free

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