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Face Massage

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Face massage is a wonderfully enjoyable procedure that improves your mood and emotional state.

Complex face massage is a great training for face muscles.

This procedure can improve skin resilience and reduce wrinkles.


If done in accordance with all the rules, this massage improves lymphatic drainage and blood microcirculation. Due to this skin becomes less puffy and tissues receive enough oxygen. Skin looks healthy and well-groomed.


Special massage techniques help to reduce wrinkles including mimic ones. Also, this method is a powerful treatment against the first indications of aging. It will be effective in getting rid of a second chin and loose skin.


If performed correctly, this type of massage is an opportunity to make skin resilient, fresh and young. 

It is well known that there are many biological points on the face. As long as each point is responsible for the functioning of a certain organ, stimulating them leads to the improvement of all the body systems. The right face massage will bring you the feeling of harmony both in your body and soul.


Complex face massage includes cosmetic, honey and aroma massage along with water compress. 



Length: 30 min


Recommended course – 5 session




1 session Course of 3 sessions Course of 5 sessions
2 300 rub. 6 000 rub. 9 000 rub.
  2 000 rub per session 1 800 rub per session
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1 session
2 300 rub.

Course of 3 sessions
6 000 rub.
2 000 rub per session


Course of 5 sessions
9 000 rub.
1 800 rub per session
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