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точечный массаж спина


Acupressure is a great treatment and prevention of various disorders through pressing certain points on the body.


Acupressure is a method of reflexotherapy in which figure pressure and massaging are applied on certain areas to stimulate response in deep tissues of the body, internal organs and the brain.


«Acupressure is a method the fundamental part of which lies with the principles and experience of ancient Chinese medicine. This method triggers activation of inner strength of the body and stimulates recovery.»

точечный массаж ступни



Acupressure is applied to treat functional disorders in the first place. This method is not effective with degenerative changes in organs and tissues, e.g. tumours. Acupressure is performed as a treatment for several muscular skeletal disorders, alimentary canal disorders, functional urinary system and endocrine system disorders, nervous system disorders, breathing organs and cardiovascular system disorders, metabolism disorders. This method is effective for various pains, e.g. migraine, headache, back pains, rheumatoid pains in bones and joints.

точечный массаж ладони



Other indications for acupressure are functional changes in the spine, weakness during pregnancy, pains in hip joints and sacrum.


Acupressure is applied not only to cure but also to prevent diseases. When done regularly, it improves productivity and general physical state. A relaxing effect of this massage reduces stress and positively influences the condition of a pregnant woman.






Length: 60 min


Recommended course – 5 session



Severe chronic heart and blood system diseases, late pregnancy, exhaustion





1 session Course of 3 sessions Course of 5 sessions
4 000 rub. 11 100 rub. 16 500 rub.
  3 700 rub per session 3 300 rub per session
  Get a set of health strengthening
ayurvedic products
(Trifala + Chavanprash) free
Get 1 seaweed wrap
session free


1 session
4 000 rub.

Course of 3 sessions
11 100 rub.
3 700 rub per session
Get a set of health strengthening ayurvedic products (Trifala + Chavanprash) free


Course of 5 sessions
16 500 rub.
3 300 rub per session
Get 1 seaweed wrap session free

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