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Abhyanga is an ancient healing practice that emerged in the pre-Vedic age.


абхьянга массаж




«Since the earliest times people have used deep knowledge and intuition to maintain their health, prolong their youth as well as increase strength, agility, flexibility and improve their memory.».


Abhyanga is a full body oil massage from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes. Due to the mixture of ayurvedic oils and curative herbs, this treatment is not only considered to be one of the healthiest in the ayurvedic medice but also one of the most enjoyable. Massaging manipulations consist of soft pressing and are directed from the heart to the limbs to increase arterial blood flow to the muscles and organs. Curative oils absorbed by the skin dissolve toxins stored in the body. This treatment deeply and naturally harmonizes the body, emotions and the mind, relieves fatigue, mental and emotional tension.




абхьянга аюрведический массаж

Healing power of Abhyanga:


  • Dissolves and removes toxins and waste
  • Builds up endurance and improves performance efficiency
  • Improves joints flexibility and body resilience
  • Improves mental agility and brain processing, accelerates brain reaction speed
  • Improves sleep quality, relieves stress, mental tension and anxiety
  • Stabilizes emotions and harmonizes the mental state
  • Relieves muscle pain and spasms
  • Improves muscular and body tone
  • Improves skin structure, produces a regenerating effect on the skin, softens and nourishes (vitamins B, F, E, A, K, polysaturated fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9)
  • Improves blood supply especially near nerve endings
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Restores body balance after previous diseases
  • Improves the immune system 



Length – 60 min

Recommended course – 5 session


Pregnancy, lactation, oil allergies, skin rash, high blood pressure, neoplasms, alimentary canal disorders, overeating, indigestion, intake of a purgative, acute inflammatory diseases




1 session Course of 3 sessions Course of 5 sessions Course of 10 sessions
4 000 rub. 11 100 rub. 16 500 rub. 29 000 rub.
  3 700 rub per session 3 300 rub per session 2 900 rub per session
  Get a set of health strengthening
ayurvedic products
(Trifala + Chavanprash) free
Get 1 seaweed wrap session free Get 2 sessions of
Shirodhara massage free


1 session
4 000 rub.

Course of 3 sessions
11 100 rub.
3 700 rub per session
Get a set of health strengthening ayurvedic products (Trifala + Chavanprash) free

Course of 5 sessions
16 500 rub.
3 300 rub per session
Get 1 seaweed wrap session free

Course of 10 sessions
29 000 rub.
2 900 rub per session
Get 2 sessions of Shirodhara massage free

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