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Massage and Treatments

Massage salon "Pure Energy" offers You to feel the beneficial influence of the following procedures:

Thai or Thai-Yoga Massage unites 3 therapy techniques: line massage, in-death massage of muscular-tendon meridians and a yoga therapy.

Tibetan Massage is a set of treatment procedures with a centuries-long history. In Tibetan it is called Kum Nye.

Abhyanga is an ancient healing practice that emerged in the pre-Vedic age.

Shirodhara is one of the most ancient ayurvedic practices the essence of which is a full deep brain and body relaxation.

Udvartana is a wonderful procedure that transports us to the kingdom of Indian medicine, philosophy and centuries-long traditions.

Kizhi is one of the most unique ayurvedic techniques.

Basti is one of the most ancient methods of aurvedic medicine. There are several kinds of Basti – internal and external.

Honey massage is a great way to keep fit especially when you work overtime and are often under stress.

Jar massage is a treatment performed with special massage jars that create a small area of low air pressure.

Stone therapy is one of the most ancient healing methods the basis if which is the massage with cold and hot stones. Apart from healing properties of stones, the main effect of stone therapy is achieved through applying various massaging techniques.

Since long ago Eastern healing practitioners have notices that the body weakens when there is blood congestion. 

Acupressure is a great treatment and prevention of various disorders through pressing certain points on the body.

Face massage is a wonderfully enjoyable procedure that improves your mood and emotional state.

Classic massage has become the basis for many consecutive massage types and is currently the most popular and famous massage in the world.

Quality anti-cellulite massage involves a multi-facetted approach to the procedure in the first place.

You do not know which massage is suitable for you?  

Fill in the questionnaire and we will select the right set of treatments for you free of charge, give you recommendations on diet, daily schedule and physical exercises.

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