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About the Health Community

Health Community is a group of like-minded people who are trying to make their own life and the life of people around them completely balanced.


Our thoughts, intentions and actions are based on the ancient knowledge of the Universe, called Vedas, and the great knowledge of life, called Ayurveda. A unique massage parlour has become the foundation of our community. Massage is the way that allows to positively influence the physical and mental health of a person. The unique massage that is given in our parlour is a sacred ritual that harmonizes your physical and spiritual health through the balancing of the Moon and the Sun energy.


The main distinctive feature of our massage parlour ‘Pure Energy’ is that our staff lead a mellow life with no violence products or intoxicating substances. They go info sports and do spiritual practices, constantly developing and improving in their professional area. All this in combination with Tibetan, Indian, Eastern, Old Slavonic and traditional massaging techniques allow them to be unique communicators of pure energy to our clients. During your first visit you will be scanned to identify the surplus or lack of energies in your body and mind.


According to the result of the testing, your personal physical and mental harmonizing plan will be developed, which will include: 

  • a set of our special ‘Sun’ or ‘Moon’ massage sessions
  • a list of components for the ritual: stones, aroma oils and massage oils with certain characteristics and energy
  • a personal healthy diet plan
  • recommendations on your daily schedule in order to live in harmony with the Nature
  • recommendations on physical activity and sports according to your individual traits
  • consultation on clearing your mental clutter and spiritual practices

All types of massage are held in specially designed rooms with appropriate themes, light and colours, which is conducive to deep relaxation and immersion into the atmosphere of ‘Pure Energy’. Each visit to the massage parlour ‘Pure Energy’ will begin and conclude with a friendly conversation, most delicious herbal tea with exclusive vegetarian snacks. During your visit you will have a chance to purchase the most popular and effective Ayurvedic products from India, cosmetics and quality spices.


We are certain that even after the first visit to our parlour you will feel a considerable difference in the power and positive influence of the treatment on your physical and mental state. You may have never thought how important the person who gives you a massage is but after your visit here you will see that they play a central and crucial role in providing a really curative massage.




You do not know which massage is suitable for you?  

Fill in the questionnaire and we will select the right set of treatments for you free of charge, give you recommendations on diet, daily schedule and physical exercises.

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